The Bankruptcy Law Center is a firm of experienced bankruptcy lawyers in San Diego whose sole mission is to help people facing tough financial times, overwhelming credit card debts, foreclosures, repossessions, garnishments, bank levies, evictions, lawsuits, taxes, and harassing phone calls. We’ve filed thousands of bankruptcy cases that immediately stop the loss of wages and property. If bankruptcy isn’t right for you, we offer other effective options to save your home and rebuild your credit.


Established in 2008.

The Southern California Bankruptcy Law Center has a team of lawyers and paralegals with years of experience who are trained to assist you through the troubling process of filing for Bankruptcy. Our lawyers consist of the some of the most highly trained and experienced bankruptcy attorneys in the country. We have one of California’s only 18 Consumer Bankruptcy Law Lawyer specialist working for the firm, as well as over 50 years of combined bankruptcy law experience.

In times when consumer debt is at an all time high and our economy is still reeling from the housing collapse and subsequent 2008 bailout of wall street, even the affluent can be confronted by overwhelming debt. Filing bankruptcy will immediately get the creditors to stop calling you and pursuing their debt. The moment you file bankruptcy, the Bankruptcy Court imposes an injunction that is called an “automatic stay.” The Stay immediately restricts your creditors from taking action to collect on a debt.

Meet the Business Owner

Ahren T.

Ahren T.

Business Owner

Attorney Ahren Tiller is one of only three Certified Consumer Bankruptcy Law Specialists in San Diego County. He has been recognized by the American Board of Certification as being a Specialist in Consumer Bankruptcy Law.
He graduated from the University of California with High Honors receiving admission into the prestigious Golden Key Honors Society. He then attended Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego receiving his law degree. While there, Mr. Tiller received the Thomas Jefferson School of Law Medal for academic excellence, the Witkin-Cali Award for academic excellence, and was named to the Dean´s List. He graduated law school at an accelerated pace of only two years (usually takes 3 years to graduate).
After graduating from law school, Mr. Tiller began working solely in the area of Bankruptcy law and Real Estate law. Furthermore, Mr. Tiller has gained extensive trial experience and has become a skilled trial attorney along with becoming a bankruptcy law specialist.